The restaurant BALINJERA is joining the Health Dining Project! Welcome!

The menu at Balinjera is based on traditional Ethiopian cuisine. Here you will find vegan dishes, most of which can be prepared without oil or salt when you order 48 hours in advance. The portions are served on injera, an Ethiopian bread made which is baked on site from teff flour. Teff is a non-gluten grain and so the injera is suitable for celiac diners.

The restaurant owner, Fanta Prada, grew up eating traditional Ethiopian food. When she moved to Tel Aviv, the big city, her diet changed and she ate “everything”. At that time, she developed severe allergies and life-threatening asthma, conditions which had never previously affected anyone in her family. When Fanta returned to the traditional Ethiopian diet, her health returned as well. This is the basis of her dream of bringing this delicious and healthy cuisine to the wider public.

BALINJERA is located at 4 Malan Street, corning of 39 Hakovshim Street in Kerem Hatemanin.
Telephone 03-525-2527. Balinjera is a kosher restaurant.

For dishes prepared without salt, oil or sugar, please telephone the restaurant 48 hours in advance.