T.G., vegan

age 63

About a year ago I consulted with Dr Maisel, following a period of digestive problems.  The consultation was meaningful and enriching, and took place in a very professional and respectful atmosphere, with attention which was balanced, pleasant and sensitive. As a result of this consultation, there has been a significant change in my approach to nutrition, including the practical side, and my health has improved. For years I have been vegetarian and in recent years I am vegan. We were able to expand my diet, which was generally good but somewhat limited.  We got rid of unnecessary supplements, which seemed to improve my condition and also saved a lot of money. We sat for more than an hour in a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. I am impressed by this doctor who is very experienced and thorough and has great knowledge, but also, (and not less importantly) who is very caring. An excellent combination of personal and professional high quality. Heartily recommended!

E.A., blood pressure problems

age 53

My blood pressure had risen at a stressful time in my life, and I saw that with the deep relaxation of hypnosis it was able to come back into the normal range, while stressful thoughts made it rise again. That helped me see the connection between stress and blood pressure, Also, Dr Maisel pointed out that salt was a big factor, and showed me how much salt we really need (a lot less than I thought!).

J.T., liver condition

age 63

I was diagnosed with a liver condition and my physician ran off a list of rather limited foods that I could now eat, with the suggestion that I consult with a dietitian. I received a recommendation to Dr Miriam Maisel and made an appointment with her, which was very thorough. For me, it was a rare experience to sit with a physician and nutrition specialist who took the time to really understand my particular situation. She looked at test results, asked relevant questions, etc and proposed a diet that would be doable, healthy and satisfying (in contrast with the very limited nature of the diet my physician had originally recommended).

Y.C., gastrointestinal disease, treatment with hypnosis

age 28

Dr Maisel opened a window for me, into a beneficial experiential world of relaxation and increased self- awareness, which continue to help me be healthier and more at ease with myself. The encounter and the connection with Dr Maisel gave me the chance to see a medical professional, who, even after many years as a physician, still sees care as a kind of mission and sees the patient in a complete and holistic way.  The encounter with Dr Maisel was for me exceptionally empowering, enriching and supportive.

Adina, borderline cholesterol and blood pressure

age 52

Dr Maisel gave me her full attention when I visited her office and I received new and helpful information from her concerning how I can better manage my health. I still feel the benefits many months later; not only does she gently educate the person who applies for her advice, her compassionate attitude is very manifest and inspired my confidence. I would absolutely recommend her without hesitation to anyone who is seeking to improve their health through nutrition.

For more testimonials and case histories from patients who have experienced improvements in their health due to a change a diet, please check the websites of Dr Fuhrman, Dr Esselstyn, Dr MacDougall and others mentioned on the resources page.