Learning about Health and Nutrition: The Whole Food Plant Based Diet

Learning about Health and Nutrition, the Whole Food Plant-Based Diet


  1. My lecture entitled “Food, the First Medicine” is based on my chapter in the new medical textbook “Nutrition and Integrative Medicine, a Primer for Clinicians.”

    This lecture goes into the details of the researches of Dr Ornish, Dr. Esselstyn and other pioneering physicians who have studied the use of nutrition (including fasting) as primary treatment for hear, metabolic and autoimmune diseases (including MS). These researches had impressive results which support the use of a whole food plant-based diet. For a long time I have been hoping that this life-saving information will influence our medical culture. This lecture has been given in Israel at several venues as well as at the Buchinger Institute in Spain.
    This lecture is suitable for professionals as well as the general public.
  2. Introduction to Health Whole Food Plant-Based Eating (suitable for small groups)
  3. Meat, to Eat or Not to Eat, conclusions based on up to date medical literature
  4. Talks and teaching tailored for small groups, families and institutions etc.
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